Saturday, March 16, 2013


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  1. This review has been posted on Amazon, and while this may be a bit lengthy for a blog comment, I feel it should find it's way to anyone that might find their way here. If you love the writing of this brilliant author, please post comments. This is one way to reach out to new readers. It is my opinion that everyone should experience the awesomeness that is Nick Santa Rosa!

    I am unable to find words to describe the depth of feeling that this work by author Nick Santa Rosa crafts within me, heart and soul. As I write this review, tears of sorrow flow unwittingly from my eyes. I hesitated in writing this review for the simple reason that I knew this would happen. I have read the great and marvelous works of Shakespeare, Dumas, Woolf, and so on, but none have created such a vast and incomprehensible clutter of emotions as the writing of Santa Rosa. Am I partial to his writing? The answer is `of course.' The reason for this partiality is simple--he is able to make me laugh, and cry, and become angry and hopeful at once.
    This, Being Dead, is his latest work, and while I should say that it is his best, I cannot. Each piece is different, exciting, strange and wonderful. Therefore, all are best, though it may seem impossible.
    As Being Dead opens, we see immediately that it will not be a `happily-ever-after fairytale.' Typically, I am an HEA type of woman, always searching for that romantic serenity that most women hope to one day find for themselves. I do not find that in Santa Rosa's writing, but I find something MORE, something better. I cannot put words to what I find, yet I feel that it is something much bigger, much more important to my very self.
    Being Dead is masterfully written, with what seems a pained heart and tortured soul. That is the magic that Nick wields as his great mind finds and puts to paper the words that will touch the heart and soul of his reader as well. This is a beautiful story that will make the reader experience the pains and joys right along with the character. My advice: Don't be afraid to experience death through the joining of your senses as you read the life and death of an unnamed character.

  2. I have become a convert - I never enjoyed short stories - if it's not over 200 pages, I won't read it. A facebook Friend recommended that I check Nick's stories out. I've now read Language Barrier, Dead Love and Being Dead, and I enjoyed them all. A quick escape - and while the titles on two may reference death - it's not dead, gore, drama. I really enjoyed them and will continue to monitor his sites. Thank you Nick!!