Tuesday, March 4, 2014


The life of a private dick ain’t never easy but it’s a job that’s gotta get done and who better to do it than a guy who relishes his work.  Relish.  That’s a fancy way of sayin’ he likes it.  Either that or he eats a lotta hot dogs.  In any case, a good dick don’t let nothin’ get in the way of a nice piece a … never mind.  Somethin’ else about a good dick is he don’t do it alone.  Usually he’s got a decent secetary helpin’ him out.  That’s where Rox comes in.  Rox.  Don’t get me started on her.  If ever a guy needed a pain in the ass, she’s it.  On the other hand, maybe what this dick needs is a helpin’ hand.  That and a payin’ job.  Lemme tell ya about it.

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