Saturday, April 5, 2014


Paul turned on his computer and signed into the account his wife didn’t know about.  He’d created it as someplace to play games without friends and family teasing him.  That was just about three years ago.  For the first two and a half years that’s exactly what happened, too.  But over the last six months or so things had changed.  The games were untouched, no doubt his crops withered on the vine, his top scores long since eclipsed.  None of which mattered as he watched the screen paint with agonizing slowness and his lack of patience rewarded with a red ‘1’ highlighted in the top left corner above the e-mail icon.  A new message from the only person who ever wrote to him there. He clicked the menu.

Natalie’s name appeared at the top of the list. 

LOL.  How did you guess?

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