Wednesday, August 6, 2014

BOOK RELEASE: Another Kind of Romance, Vol 1

Who is the one love you’ll never get over? What obstacle would be too much to overcome? Would you kill for it? Would you die for it? Have you let it blind you? There are lots of ways to love but one constant is it makes us do things we never thought we could: give ourselves over completely to someone else. Whether it’s that one perfect someone from the past who slipped away but never left your heart or the one who viciously broke it. Do we run away from love because it’s messy and uncertain or do we continue to pursue it for those same reasons? Love stories come in all shapes and shades and happily ever after isn’t always the way it goes. Sometimes it’s a struggle to make it work and sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you thought it would. Let’s do an experiment. Look in a mirror and tell yourself a love story. Not the fantasy kind where sparks fly the first time your eyes meet. Tell the kind of story where you aren’t sure if you’re doing the right thing but can’t stop. Maybe your story will be like one of these. Here are seven stories that might surprise you. From Veronica and Evan, who fulfill each other’s needs in erotically dangerous ways, to Sharon and Vince, who touch each other in ways no one else can. From a husband and father struggling with inner doubts to a young woman enthralled by charm and sophistication. Each tale will transport you to places foreign but familiar. Places you just might find deep in your own heart.

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