Sunday, October 19, 2014

BOOK RELEASE: Another Kind of Romance, Vol 2

A good story is like a nice vacation. A break from the everyday. A chance to experience lives and places and worlds you wouldn’t, or couldn’t, get to otherwise and sometimes it doesn’t matter if you speak the language. We like to get away because our daily lives can seems so ordinary and we long for the exotic, the exciting, the different. So … where would you like to go?

How about Mexico in the mid-1970s, where you might meet a beautiful young woman who captures your imagination by singing familiar songs in foreign words that steal your heart? Or a local watering hole that could give you an opportunity to make a good second impression because your first one didn’t go so well? Better yet, how about just home, the place you couldn’t wait to escape but can’t wait to go back because ‘she’s’ there?

Come to Woods River, Michigan, as Bob Pendleton, a successful novelist, turns his story telling skills inward and realises the torch he’s been carrying has shed more heat than light on his love life. Spend some time in a courtroom and watch Jeff face the consequences of a thoughtlessly uttered lie. Stand in the corner and watch Tim struggle with the effect the real world can have on a virtual relationship. Their lives were ordinary, too, until they weren’t.

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